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About the Artist
Manika's Art

M a n i k a†† S r i v a s t a v

683 Boylston Street, Brookline, MA 02445

Phone: (617) 739-4849 / 4858



S e l e c t e d†† P a i n t i n g†† E x h i b i t i o n s


O n eM a n†† S h o w

Tufts Health Plan Gallery,2002, Watertown, MA


G r o u p†† S h o w s

Greenwood Gallery, 1996, New Delhi

Harmony Show, 1998, Mumbai

HDFC Bank, 1999, Mumbai


T w o†† m a n†† S h o w

Fringe Gallery, Hong Kong, 1997


P r i v a t e†† S h o w s

American Womenís Club, Alexandria, Egypt, 1992

Ormsby Hall, Great Yarmouth, UK, 1989



S e l e c t e d††† C o l l e c t o r s


Euan Baird, Chairman and CEO, Schlumberger Ltd, New York

Sevina Travasso, DPC, Mumbai

Mr. & Mrs. Narang, Morgan Stanley, New York

Augustine Nwosu, Nigeria

Jill Mukhopadhya, UN, Canada

Mrs. & Mr. Art Bert, Cambridge, MA

Mrs. & Mr. Marc Eichenberger, Magnolia, MA



W o r k†† E x p e r i e n c e


Art Instruction to spastic children, Astha, Delhi

Teaching Art to street children, Akanksha, Mumbai

Drop in Art Program, Runkle School, Brookline

Member, Brookline Arts Commission

Organizer, Local Community Art Show, Brookline



E d u c a t i o n


Trained under well know artists Rameshwar Broota and Shobha Broota in Delhi, India

MS in Nuclear Physics

Manika's Art Art Gallery Artist's Statement About the Artist

Please do not download and print the images.

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© Manika Srivastav 2003