The Veda is a symbol of Divine Light and Divine Happiness. May we all have divine blessings....

As far as the Vedic recitations are audible, thus far no topsy-turvey situations can arise... asmin graame an+aaturam - so says rudra paaTha of  yajur veda...

We may not, or need not,  know them word by word, but listening to them, in itself is a bliss. So here are some .mp3 files of vedic recitations sent by Sri Desiraju Hanumanta Rao, Hyderabad, India. Listen to them daily or on festive occassions or in gloomy moods - they will cheer you up. For additional information please contact him at

Veda Text Links

To learn, how to write sanskrit (devanagari alphabet), click here to see the FLASH files created by Sri Hemanth Kumar. For additional information please contact him at

To view the sanskrit (devanagari alphabet) in XDVNG font and ITRANS transliteration scheme and to hear the sanskrit pronunciation (.wav files), please click here. Many Thanks to "Swami Vishvarupananda" for providing the audio files.